„Automated Textual Analyses“ – Seminar on methodology by Harm H. Schütt (Tilburg University)

Doctoral students of various fields of Business research have been delighted to participate in the seminar on methodology “Automated Textual Analyses” by Harm H. Schütt, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Tilburg University, School of Economics and Management, who had followed an invitation to Friedrich-Alexander-University by Prof. Dr. Thomas M. Fischer, Chair of Accounting and Management Control at the School of Business, Economics, and Society. The course took place from July 10 to 12, 2019, comprised an introduction to a range of methods in textual analysis and text mining, and was underpinned by a great number of use cases and best practices.

The participants express Harm Schütt their sincere gratitude for the excellent lecture, insightful discussions, and the sharing of experience and cutting edge examples.